Jason DeLorenzo

Jason DeLorenzo

My service on the Palm Coast City Council since 2011 has given me the knowledge and skills to better serve you.


Flagler County is a community of neighborhoods, businesses, cultural and religious groups, clubs, organizations and an amazing cross-section of people. Together, we are a community. Collectively, we can assure a county united in all our differences that will last for generations to come, where our children and grandchildren work, play, live and gather with a priceless appreciation of their community.

Quality of Life


What a beautiful place we live; the so-called hidden jewel of north and central Florida. As we grow it will continue to be more and more important to maintain Flagler County’s natural beauty and resources. Quality of life is about more than just pleasant surroundings; it also includes good health, housing options, good local shops, and having a secure job.


 As Flagler County continues to grow,  we must build relationships within our community to tackle difficult issues. From time to time the City and County clash on issues. I have built strong, lasting relationships during my time on the City Council and when elected to the County Commission I will rely on those relationships to untangle the rhetoric from the real concerns so we can find common ground. We must continue our efforts to be more business friendly to encourage and foster job creation in the private sector. To lessen the burden on residential property taxes we must diversify our economy and expand our job market.

About Jason:

Hi, I’m Jason DeLorenzo and I want to represent you on the Flagler County Commission.

I’m 45 years old, a 28-year Florida resident and a 12-year citizen of Flagler County. Elected to the Palm Coast City Council in 2011, it has been my pleasure and honor to serve my community.

In 2014, my mother-in-law and I opened Teamwork Custom Art in the heart of Bunnell. Starting with just a 500-square foot T-shirt screen printing production shop, we recently expanded into 1200 -square feet and added a showroom.

My incredible wife Rebecca, a native Floridian, is the President of the Flagler County Chamber of Commerce. Thirteen years ago we tied the knot under the oaks at the old Palm Coast Resort. That weekend we established our lifetime of love for each other and as well as a lifetime of love with Flagler County. The following year we made Palm Coast our home by building a home here.

Anticipating a grandchild, my mother Marianne joined us here in 2006. An avid knitter, she joined a knitting group at the Portuguese American Cultural Center. She now has many friends at "the club" and is learning Portuguese.

Our family was complete when our beautiful daughter Lorelei was born in 2008. Now 7, and in 2nd grade she is excelling under the school district’s exceptional focus on technology).

I love this community. Having the opportunity to grow my family, personally and professionally in this beautiful, diverse and friendly environment is more than I can ask for and I consider myself very lucky every day.

Proud to Serve:

I belong to and have served on a number of committees, boards, and organizations including:

  • River to Sea Transportation Planning Organization
  • James F. Holland Foundation
  • Flagler County Futures Committee (Comprehensive Plan Rewrite)
  • Vice Chair, Flagler County Land Development Code Advisory Committee  
  •  Florida Department of Juvenile Justice Circuit 7 Juvenile Justice Council
  • Lehigh Trail Management Plan Update Advisory Committee
  • Association of Florida Conservation Districts
  • Flagler County Chamber of Commerce Business Issues Committee
  • Chair, Flagler County Chamber of Commerce Candidate Sub-Committee
  • Flagler Committee for Smarter Growth
  • Flagler County Association for Responsible Development
  • Treasurer, Flagler County Soil & Water Conservation District
  • Women's Council of REALTORS



Prepared for Success, Ready to Lead Flagler Forward In-depth Knowledge:

As the Government Affairs Director for the Home Builder’s Association, my primary function is to analyze proposed legislative actions and determine the potential impact on the small construction businesses in Flagler.

Combine that with opening a small business of my own and the experience I’ve had on the Palm Coast City Council and you will find I have a vast knowledge of the issues facing Flagler County’s residents and businesses alike.



Small Government:

In 2007, before being elected to the Palm Coast City Council, I led an effort to recover $7 million in building permit fees for the citizens of Palm Coast. In June of 2009, after nearly two years of work, Palm Coast finally admitted to having over-collected building permit fees. Through a negotiated settlement, the City reduced permit fees by 90% for all citizens. Since joining the council, I lowered the tax rate three times while maintaining the services we expect.

Consumer Advocate:

I am proud to say I pushed hard for the formation of the Flagler County Licensing Program and the Contractors Review Board. The program assures compliance with county and state construction licensing regulations and minimizes losses to the public due to unlawful conduct of both certified and uncertified contractors.

Growth Management:

I was appointed to the Flagler County Futures Committee and served for more than two years as we completed Comprehensive Planning for the County. I also participated in more than 20 workshops during the writing of Palm Coast's first Land Development Code. In 2008, I was appointed by the County Commission to the Flagler County Land Development Committee Rewrite Committee where I served as vice-chair. Over the last several years, I have attended several growth management seminars and have a strong understanding of Smart Growth, Clustered Development, Transportation Planning, Regionalism, Long Range Planning and Sustainability – all of which are critical to moving Flagler Forward.

Conservation and Sustainable Community:

In 2008, I was elected to the Flagler County Soil and Water Conservation District, where I served as treasurer for three years. In 2009, I provided extensive study data and legislative language to city staff to help initiate their Green Building Program. As staff liaison to the Flagler HBA Green Building Committee, I facilitated educational seminars for the public and elected officials.